About me

I started with a Commodore 64 also called C64 . The product was placed on the market in 1983 . The Commodore 64 was connected to a TV , which served as a monitor for video and audio . I was one of the lucky ones who bought such a thing . the tape that the software loaded and for which you had to have a lot of pacience. The first 20-mb hard disk great .

A few years later, I came into contact with CompuServe . CompuServe held initially engaged in computer timesharing. In addition, users could access via modem dial up the CompuServe network and use many interactive services , such as e – mail , and shareware registration . The network of CompuServe was expanded with many local access points so CompuServe subscribers could dial . Actually worldwide at local rates And so I

In 1989 the first Hacktic came out . The magazine Hacktic was designed for anyone who wanted more to technology than just consume. For example, in Hacktic were articles about hacking , free calls , viruses , magnetic cards and PTT . Rop Gonggrijp and Paul Jongsma were two of the editors of Hacktic . Rop was thus known nationally and internationally . Through his articles , he was loved , hated and even feared .
In 1992, Rop and Paul Felipe Rodriquez . Met Felipe was the operator of the bulletin board ( BBS ) Utopia . Utopia was an online meeting place for hackers where tricks , tips and files were exchanged . At that time it was still 300 to 1200 bps . Internet was still in its infancy . Providers were not there and only through the universities had access to the Internet.

In that period Felipe met through Utopia Cor Bosman . Felipe invited Cor off at Rop and after a brief conversation Cor became the fourth person in the group . Rop was the linchpin , Felipe visionary and Paul and Cor were the technicians. The first months of 1993 were entirely devoted to the creation of XS4ALL , the flagship of the Hacktic Network . There had to be made for computers and modems and connect to NLnet . The foursome thought XS4ALL after half a year would have about 500 users .

On May 1, 1993 , XS4ALL was open to the public and was the first ISP in the Netherlands a fact . But something happened that no one had anticipated . That same evening at 7 pm the 500th client had signed up! The struggle to keep pace with the growth in this fight had started and would not stop.

Since the beginning , I am also a member of this club and try to bring the people. Together my way

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